Frequently Asked Questions by Potential Tenants:

Tenants often have several questions before applying to a rental property. That said, it’s important to be able to answer all of their questions thoroughly. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we have received.

1. What is the Rent Application Process?
The first step in renting to a new tenant is the application process. Generally, the process includes:
• Paying for an application.
• Filling it out.
• Conducting a background check.
• Showing proof of income.
• Contacting their references.
• Signing a lease.

2. How Much Is Rent?
Another frequently asked question by tenants is: How much is rent? Generally, the rent amount is outlined in the rental listing.
In addition to asking how much the rental rate is, it’s common to ask what’s included. For example, sometimes the tenant will be looking for a property that includes outdoor amenities or security systems. While other times, tenants are responsible for setting up and paying for utilities separately.

3. Is the Security Deposit Refundable?
Most property management companies require a security deposit at the beginning of a lease term. The security deposit covers any potential damage or unpaid rent that may occur during the term. This could vary from property to property.

4. How Long Is the Lease Term?
Most tenants will ask about the lease term. That said, most leases are 12 months. However, some properties offer flexible lease terms, like 6-month or month-to-month contracts. This is generally chosen by the property owner but could potentially be negotiated if you are needing a different lease term length.

5. Are There Penalties for Breaking the Lease?
Some tenants don’t want to stay in a rental for the full 12 months, so they end up breaking the lease early. However, more often than not there are penalties for doing so. For instance, the most common consequence for breaking the lease early includes withholding their full security deposit. This is something that can be discussed more in detail at lease signing.

6. Do You Accept Pets for an Additional Fee?
Pets are allowed in some but not all rental properties. This is something that will also be up to the property owner and will vary from property to property. Make sure when applying to check the pet requirement beforehand if you intend to bring one.

7. What Maintenance or Repair Services are Available?
Maintenance and repair procedures are a vital part of any rental property. Most tenants will ask about procedures. For instance, they’ll want to know if we have 24/7 emergency maintenance services (we do) and how quickly requests are generally handled.

8. Can I Renew the Lease at the End of the Term?
Another question we get from tenants is if they can renew the lease at the end of the current term. Generally, this is beneficial for both property owners and tenants. However, it depends on if the tenant respects the property and the lease terms.

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