How to Estimate Investment Property Expenses

One of the biggest mistakes rental property investors can make is underestimating monthly expenses. Doing so can not only cause cashflow problems but may also cause you as an investor to lose far more money than you can afford. By learning how to correctly estimate your rental property expenses, you can better predict your monthly cash flow and keep your investments thriving.

Investing in rental real estate has a number of advantages. For example, the returns on rental real estate are highly predictable, allowing investors to be able to predict cash flows and returns on properties before they buy it. However, to invest with that level of certainty, you need to be sure that you are accurately estimating your properties monthly expenses.

Calculating Cash Flow
Estimating your cash flow consists of a lot more than calculating your mortgage payment to base your rental rate. Your monthly rental expense number should include several important costs. For example, all properties will require regular maintenance and repairs. While some rental homes may go months or even years between repairs when they do occur they can sometimes be very expensive if left too long.
This is why you should budget a certain amount for property maintenance every month.  Don’t forget about the costs of preparing the house for new tenants and regular improvements such as paint, carpet, fixtures, and appliances. These will all need to be updated and replaced over time. Setting aside a certain amount in your budget for these items long before that day comes can guarantee that you have the money you need when you need it.

Annual Expenses
Including annual expenses into your monthly calculations is also important. For example, payments for property insurance and property taxes may not be made every month, but you should still include them in your expenses. The one thing you definitely want to avoid is forgetting to include these expenses in your budget and being surprised when the payment is due.

Unexpected Vacancies
Another unfortunate monthly expense, and one that is often overlooked by investors, is unexpected vacancies. Although it is not a monthly bill you will pay, your vacancy rate will still have a real effect on your properties’ cash flow. Prepare for this by setting aside money monthly so you are prepared for when and if this happens.

Property Management Costs
The smartest thing you could do for yourself and your investment properties is to hire a property management company. This does come at a cost, however, it will ensure you run in to less issues later on down the road. A property management company will know what to prepare for. These fees for their services range between plans and companies but All County Property Management offers competitive rates and amazing services for all property investors.

Additional Costs
Finally, don’t forget about the other costs related to owning and managing a rental property. Over the span of your investing business, you will likely need to pay for things like travel to and from your properties, accounting and bookkeeping services, eviction filing fees, court and attorney fees, tax preparation, application reviewing and so on. Again, while you may not have these and other miscellaneous costs on a monthly basis, it is important to include them in your monthly budget anyway. Failing to do so could have serious consequences for your future profitability.


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