9 Ways a Property Management Company Makes Your Life Easier

Owning investment properties requires hard work. More often than not, the number of things you need to do to keep your rental leased and in a good state can seem overwhelming. But there is one way to make your life much easier. Hire a property management company! A full-service Property Management company like All County Property Management can take over nearly all of the work required to manage your investment property. More specifically, there are nine ways that a property management company makes your life a bit easier.

  1. Market assessments: You have to do regular comparative market analysis on your rental properties to set rental rates, plan future improvements, and a lot more. This will truly take time and an understanding of the competitive rental market. A good property management company will do it for you.
  2. Preparing your rental to lease: Before a tenant moves in, there are plenty of things that need to be done to get your rental house ready. Each one must be managed as efficiently as possible. From repairs to cleaning, a property management company can handle it all.
  3. Advertising: To keep your property leased continuously, you will have to market and advertise. This can be a tough process, especially if you are making the effort to list your property on multiple rental websites. When you employ a property management company, they do it all for you on multiple different platforms. 
  4. Tenant screening: Locating the right tenants is one more task that you can confidently hand over to a good property management company. Screening tenants yourself can be a difficult and expensive endeavor. But a property management company will sort applications, run background checks, call references, and more.
  5. Lease preparation and signing: Putting together lease documents that are clear and detailed can be a challenge. In this area, a professional property management company is hard to beat. They will have lease documents that have been carefully prepared by legal experts.
  6. Collecting rent: Nowadays, tenants want to be able to pay their rent online. And if they don’t pay, then what? A good property management company will be able to offer tenants multiple payment options and handle any nonpayment problems that may arise.
  7. Property maintenance: All rental properties need regular maintenance to stay profitable. A good property management company will have home service professionals ready and available to maintain your property. In this way, you will know things are being done regularly and correctly.
  8. Lease renewals: Working with current tenants to renew their leases is a normal part of owning rental properties. They may want to negotiate their terms or payment, or you may need to raise the rent to current market rates. With high quality customer service, a property management company will have these conversations with current tenants for you!
  9. Managing move-outs: If your tenant decides not to renew their lease, the move-out process begins. You’ll be taking on so many different tasks simultaneously, all while trying to locate your new tenant. That is unless you have your property management company do it for you!

Handing over your rental property to someone else might make you anxious at first. But once you’ve experienced how much time you will save, and how few headaches you’ll need to deal with you can enjoy worry free investment property ownership. When working with All County Property Management Group you might wonder why you didn’t hire a property management company sooner!


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