Top 5 DFW Neighborhoods for Commuters

Looking to purchase an investment property in the DFW area? Not sure which areas are the best? We are here to help! The best location will depend on your target renters. In this article we are going to list the best locations for renters working in the big cities (Dallas and Fort Worth) that are looking for suburban areas for themselves and/or their families.

The most central suburb in DFW is Arlington! Located right between two large cities, Arlington is home to several professional sports teams, as well as a variety of world-class restaurants, shopping centers, amusement parks and more. Because of its central location and the fact two main highways (I-20 and I-30) run horizontally through it, Arlington is ideal for commuters that work in both Dallas or Fort Worth.

Not quite as big as Arlington, but still centrally located, Irving is the thirteenth-most-populous city in Texas. It’s located by DFW International Airport and a variety of major highways. Plus, the Las Colinas area of Irving is becoming a business hub and employing more residents, with great options for schools as well. While Dallas and Fort Worth employment opportunities are still both easy to reach because of Irving’s centrality.

A once quaint suburb that still has the feel of a small town, yet centrally located in Dallas-Fort Worth! Coppell is one of the area’s hidden gems. There are new residences being built which is a great opportunity for investors and renters looking for a new construction. DFW commuters might want to consider living in this slow-paced area of the metroplex.

While located on the northern end of the Metroplex, Frisco is becoming a living destination for commuters due to its variety of amenities and fine housing an amazing schools. The city also has access to several toll roads, which may add cost to your monthly commuter budget, but limits the amount of traffic you would need get through in order to make it to Dallas!

Another suburb on the north side of DFW, Plano is great for commuters because a large bulk of the jobs in Dallas-Fort Worth are on the eastern and northeastern side of it. Plano is home to many corporations and has a large geographic footprint. It also has access to several tollways and highways. Depending on where you live in Plano, it could be ideal for commuting.

If you’re planning to invest in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, or looking for areas to rent in, consider looking in these five metroplexes listed above! Need a property Management company to handle your most important investment? We are here for you and renters too! Give us a call today so we can show you why All County Property Management is the best in DFW!