Housing Market Outlook for 2022

Housing Market Outlook for 2022  

In 2020 and 2021, the housing market saw some unusual activity, prices, and demand. So much so that many home buyers taking advantage of record-low rates were simply priced out of bidding wars. In some cases, individuals and families may have chosen to rent instead of buy due to a lack of affordable inventory. However, with 2022 right around the corner, investors and renters want to  know if the New Year will usher in a more stable housing market. 

What’s Next for the Housing Market?
Although predictions vary, most experts agree that 2022 will see continued “normalization” or market balance. However, with price growth expected to slow heading into 2022, other factors will be essential to consider such as seasonality in the real estate markets, employment changes for the area you are located and inflation rates. 

Should You Wait Out a Hot Real Estate Market as an investor?
In some ways, waiting is always a gamble. However, this may be a prefect time to purchase an investment property because demands for rentals is at an all time high. Other things to consider as a property investor include

  • Avoiding Pressure Decisions – Homes may be flying off the market all around you, but that does not mean they are all great deals. Home investors should never give in to the pressure to buy just to “have something.” If the home is not right, keep looking, or you may end up knee deep in housing repairs and regret.
  • Know Your Target Area – As we mentioned, not all national trends translate to the local market. So, buyers must be in tune with the trends and demands where they are looking to buy.
  • Make Sure You’re Ready – Purchasing a home in any market is a substantial financial commitment. Although the frenzy to buy may be at a peak, that does not mean this is the time for everyone. So, whether the market is hot or cold, make sure you are financially prepared to make the leap into investing. 

Is Renting the Better Option in 2022
Deciding to rent a home involves many other more minor decisions. Individuals and families must evaluate their goals, desired location, budget, and priorities when determining their housing options. Looking forward to 2022, rental market predictions echo the effects of a turbulent year in the real estate industry. With so many uncertainties in the housing market, renting has become an attractive option. Renting is an excellent option for buyers who aren’t interested in overpaying for the few houses on the market. Plus, with prices at nearly record highs, renting can save money while buyers plot their next move.
Unlike the housing market, rental market predictions show that prices will remain more stable at the beginning of 2022. While prices did go up during the pandemic at a rate of around 4.5%, it was not as dramatic as home prices.

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15 Terms Real Estate Investors Should Know

Are you purchasing an investment property? If you are new to the industry here are some helpful terms you should know!

This term describes a tenant’s conduct when it appears as though they intend to forfeit their right to live in the property. Example: No one has seen him in weeks and all personal belongings are gone.

These are both intangible and tangible features that enhance the desirability or value of the property. Examples: Good schools, close to shops and restaurants, pool,  security system, etc.

Conventional Housing
This means that a home adheres to the current market rates and standards of housing in its area.

This is what you call the second person to sign a mortgage or a lease. The co-signer verifies the identity of the first signer and also provides an extra level of certainty to the document, as they can also be responsible for it.

Eviction is a court-based process through which a landlord may remove a tenant from rental property; however, only with a good cause and after due process.

Fair Housing Act
This Federal law stops discrimination in housing on the basis of race, age, color, handicap, sex, religion, national origin, and familial status.

A fixture is something the owner or tenant installs in the rental property that cannot be removed when he leaves. An example could be a backyard deck or built-in cabinets.

A lease is the written agreement between the landlord and the tenant. It grants the tenant the right to live in the landlord’s unit for a specific amount of time in exchange for a specific amount of money.

Lease Option
A lease option is when a tenant has the option to buy the property he is currently leasing. This can happen when his original lease expires or at another time during the lease.

Property Management Agreement
This is the agreement between the landlord and the company that looks after his properties for him. It should detail the specifics of how to manage the property and all the fees involved.

Rent Control
You will typically find rent-controlled buildings in urban areas. Rent-control laws restrict how much rent landlords can charge their tenants. However, most laws do allow for annual rent increases.

Rent to Own
Similar to a lease option, a rent to own property allows the tenant to have access to the option to purchase the property he is currently renting.

Right of Entry
This is the name for how often a landlord can be permitted to enter the property. There are several situations in which landlords can have the right of entry: emergencies, to show the unit to a prospective tenant, inspections or make repairs. In most cases, advanced notice it also required.

This is when a tenant leases his unit to another tenant. This sometimes occurs when a tenant will be traveling for an extended period of time, like a college student who is away on summer vacation. Landlords do not have to allow their tenants to sublet the space. Landlords should always note whether or not tenants can facilitate subleases in the original contract.

A tenant is the person who can live in a landlord’s unit for a specific amount of time. He can only also live there for a specific amount of money. These terms are always set out in the original lease.

Tenant Improvements
This is a clause in the lease that says whether or not a tenant can make improvements to the property while he rents it. It should explain exactly what kinds of improvements are allowed and if the tenant will be compensated for them. Example: Paint, Changing light fixtures, adding landscaping and other minor cosmetic upgrades.

Term of the Lease
These are the particulars of the lease that state how long the lease will last. 

Are you considering purchasing an investment property and these terms overwhelmed you? No need to worry, we are here to help.  At All County Property Management we are your source for all your property management needs. We give you the ability to be hands off and still receive the residual income that your investment property will provide for you! We cover everything from tenant screening, maintenance needs, marketing and so much more! 

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As the year is coming to an end you may be considering purchasing an investment property in the coming New Year.  Not sure where to start? We can help!

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Tarrant County and surrounding areas are a great place to live and work. Our area is growing and the possibilities are endless. The opportunities to own, rent or invest in our area are immeasurable.

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Upgrading Your Investment Property to a Smart Home

In this day and age renters want the luxury of smart features. This includes things such as security systems, sound systems, lighting options and more. These amenities bring comfort, convenience and efficiency. This can all be made possible through one smart home system. This will increase the value and desirability in the eyes of potential renters.

This industry of smart home technology has become increasingly competitive. You may be wondering which system and company is the best option for you and your investment. We don’t have that answer for you but we do have some info on what to look for in your home system so you can find the best fit for your property.

What is a “Smart” Home?
The term smart home refers to a property where devices or appliances can be controlled through one central point. For example, things like door locks, security systems, thermostats, lights, or even appliances can be accessed via a smartphone or laptop. These interconnected devices use the internet or mobile device data to allow users to control functions virtually anywhere. Thus, creating a significant selling point for future or potential tenants.

Top Smart Home Upgrades for Your Rental Property
Home technology systems can range from the simple to the advanced, but there is no need to go overboard in an investment property. In fact, there are several affordable priced options to help keep costs low while still attracting quality tenants. Some systems we recommend based on the return of the investment include:
1. Install Smart Thermostats
2. Add Smart Locks
3. Switch to Smart Bulbs

Smart Thermostats
Heating and cooling accounts for more than half the energy use in your home. A smart thermostat can provide more control over heating and cooling to maximize efficiency and boost your monthly savings.
On top of that, some smart thermostats can “learn” a tenant’s patterns and adjust accordingly. For tenants, the benefits of a smart thermostat are –
• Valuable Energy Savings
• Easily Monitor Energy Usage
• Control the Temperature from Anywhere
For landlords, a smart home thermostat is one of the easiest smart home upgrades to install. For some investors with electrical experience, this could be a DIY project.

Smart Locks
Smart locks are smart home upgrades that benefit landlords and tenants in different ways. Smart locks replace traditional locks with an electronic key system. This system uses an electronic signal from an authorized device to lock and unlock doors instead of the standard key.
For more information on switching your investment properties locks read our previous blog on the topic here.

Smart Bulbs
Smart lights are LED bulbs with added software that allows them to connect via apps or a home automation system. Unlike traditional light bulbs, smart bulbs allow tenants to remotely control lights at the touch of a button. In addition to remote connectivity, smart bulbs offer the following conveniences for tenants –
• Motion Sensors
• GPS Activation
• Dimmable Function
• Added Energy Savings
While adding these advanced lighting features is one of the most desirable smart home upgrades, it does come at a cost. Although they provide long-term savings, each bulb can cost up to $20 a piece.

Return on investment
When it comes to investing in any smart home upgrades, evaluating your return on investment is vital. While adding smart technology can help attract quality tenants and rent the property faster, landlords need to know if the rent they can charge will offset the initial costs.

Things to ask:
• Is the upgrade ideal for a rental? 
• How does the property compare to other local listings? 

Make the Smart Choice for Your Investment Property 
Turning a rental property into a “smart home” provides tenants and landlords with convenience and control. So, if you are looking to attract higher-paying tenants, the devices mentioned above may be well worth the investment. Another smart investment for landlords is to invest in a professional property management company.

All County Property Management Group is DFW’s number 1 management company! With over 30 years experience in the industry, Our team of  professionals will maximize an owner’s investment by providing property marketing/advertisement, rent collection, tenant screening, maintenance, inspections, accounting, and more. So, if you are looking for a property management company to help increase profits, contact All County Property Management Group today.

Holiday Events For The Whole Family in DFW

Are you looking for events for you and your family in the DFW area this holiday season! We are here to help! We have found some of the most popular and family friendly attractions in the Metroplex for you and your family to enjoy this December! Read below to find out about your next holiday stops!

Dallas Zoo (Christmas lights)
“Cruise the mile-long route through the Dallas Zoo and enjoy many magical holiday moments along the way! Featuring one million twinkling lights, elaborate holiday-themed displays, dazzling 3-D lighted sculptures, larger-than-life animal lanterns, and more, all from the comfort of your vehicle.” Tickets and information

Enchant Christmas at Fair Park
“Enchant Christmas, the World’s Most Magical Christmas Light Maze & Village, is the most whimsical and heartfelt event of the holiday season. The world of Enchant is yours to explore, and its adventures, yours to discover. Cherish time with family and friends as you glide down the breathtaking Ice Skating Trail. Sample gourmet holiday treats from around the world, visit the artisan Christmas market, and meet the Big Man himself to whisper your most heartfelt Christmas wish.”

Trains at North Park
“For the past 34 years, the Trains at NorthPark benefiting Ronald McDonald House of Dallas (RMHD), has delighted generations of Dallas families as one of our city’s premier holiday traditions. Since 1987, the Trains have raised more than $13 million for RMHD allowing us to serve more than 40,000 families”

“SNOWDAY takes guests on an explorable adventure through endless imaginative rooms and hundreds of surprises for all ages over the course of about an hour. Created to be a fully immersive and truly amazing journey, SNOWDAY features unique photo opportunities for guests to have fun, strike a pose, and snap a picture – including 5 extra-special photo moments with integrated cameras and lighting.”

Ice Skating Panther island
“Panther Island Ice returns this holiday season. Located at Coyote Drive-In, Fort Worth’s outdoor skating rink offers public skating starting on November 19, 2021. The ice rink will operate seven days a week through January 17, 2022, including all holidays. The rink is real ice located mostly under a large pavilion. Patrons can take advantage of the ample free parking, along with the drive-in’s other amenities such as covered seating, gas heaters, restrooms, and a full menu”

Downtown Grapevine
“It’s more merry in Grapevine, the Christmas Capital of Texas! Grapevine is the perfect place to create wonderful Christmas memories with your family and friends. You’ll be amazed at 40 days of unique and traditional Christmas events, as you see Grapevine sparkle with millions of lights, enormous decorations, animated characters and much more! Be sure to make Grapevine, Texas your top Christmas destination.”

Holiday in the Park
“Holiday in the Park originated in the 1985 season at Six Flags Over Texas and has been operating ever since. The event has expanded over the years to include thousands of Christmas lights, specialized foods, live entertainment, a snow hill and many other hands-on activities.”

Prairie Lights
“Prairie Lights is the premier holiday light park in Texas located at Lynn Creek Park on Joe Pool Lake in Grand Prairie, Texas. Prairie Lights 2021 will feature the return of Holiday Village, the magical walk-thru forest, carnival rides, photos with Santa, and more.”

Campo Verde
“The Most Festive Restaurant In Texas! In the Christmas Season at Campo Verde (October-March).
If you haven’t visited us during the season, it is a MUST SEE EXTRAVAGANZA! Whether you’re an adult or child you will feel the magic when you visit our fairyland. Mr. Williams has won many awards & made the local newspapers about his spectacular Christmas time display with over 120,000 lights, 3,000 yards of multicolor garland, 50 Santa Claus’s, 30 xmas trees, and two model trains that travel 635 feet throughout the entire restaurant and bar.
The grandkids will delight with excitement!”


Are you new to the DFW Area? Looking to invest in the area? Or considering a move!? Whatever the draw is , DFW is the place to be! If you need help finding a rental or are ready to get help with managing an investment property, give All County Property Management a call today!