Why Landlords Shouldn’t Try to Manage Their Own Properties

Choosing to get started in the rental property industry can be an exciting time! There is so much that goes into this decision and a considerable amount of time dedicated to getting the property and business up and running.

You may be thinking that you can handle it all on your own. You may be saying you will have complete control over everything that takes place at the rental property. You probably think you will have constant contact with your tenants and have a little more cash flow by not hiring a property management company, right? 

Wrong! Managing your property on your own is NOT the best option!

We are going to discuss the reasons why you should NOT attempt to manage your own investment properties, and how handing over the reins to experts will ultimately save you time and money!

All County has the expertise.

The ins and outs of property management can be tricky. And without knowing the laws and how the whole process works you could run the risk of:

  • Hiring fly by night vendors to make repairs
  • Using ineffective advertising techniques
  • Violate fair housing laws
  • Improperly screen potential tenants
  • Implement poor rent collection policies


Property management is a business.

As your number of properties increases so do your responsibilities. Some aspects of your life may need to be placed on the back burner such as your job, family, social life, free time, etc… Are you willing to adjust your priorities?


Customer service makes a difference.

Customer service is a vital component in gaining and retaining residents.  If you are not the type of person who wants to deal with the headaches that come with evictions, complaints, and maintenance requests, you should not manage your own rental properties.


More Convincing 

For those of you that are still hesitant about handing over the work to a property management company:

  • The location of your properties span far and wide, requiring extensive travel commitments
  • The condition of your property is not pristine, which means repair requests may be regular and often-occurring
  • You are unsure how to add extra curb appeal to your properties to attract high-quality tenants
  • You don’t know how to draft legally compliant lease agreements


Altogether, hiring a property management company such as All County Property Management Group to manage your DFW rental properties far outweighs the benefits that come with managing properties on your own.

In addition, services such as tenant screening, vacancy advertisement, lease drafting, and round-the-clock emergency maintenance line, plus in-depth knowledge of the DFW market. This and much more is what All County Property Management Group provides their property owners.