Recent Rental Property Investment Trends

Purchasing a rental property is an exciting investment. When choosing where to purchase you need to factor in job growth, population growth, and affordability. Keep reading to find out major property investment trends we have seen and will continue to see in the coming years.

Widening The Rental Demographic
Renting has generally been seen as a stepping stone for the younger generation before they are able to purchase a home. However, with increasing housing prices and wages not keeping up with the housing market this dream is being pushed back for many. With that said, the idea of renting has become more appealing to people of all ages. Many people also enjoy the flexibility of renting without being tied to one area for too long. According to ‘Rentometer’, close to 45% of renters are over the age of 45.

Appealing to Gen Z
Though we are seeing people of all ages renting, it is wise to still target the younger generations. You do this by focusing on the technology that is offered at the property (wifi, security systems, online rent collection, online service orders, .etc.)

Rental Growth Uncertainty
With the Covid 19 pandemic and now the delta variant, there have been devastating effects on the financial capabilities of many people as well as the rental market. We have seen a large increase in unemployment as well as an increase of people wanting to rent to avoid overpaying for a home in the current real estate market. This means they will turn to rent instead. We are unsure what the rest of this year will bring at this time.

More Real-Estate Investors
Generally, real estate has always been considered a good investment. Unlike things such as the stock market, purchasing real estate is a great way to guard your assets. Some people that haven’t been hit as hard by the pandemics’ long-term effects may be in a stable position to purchase a rental property. The need for rentals is high, the rent price is rising and interest rates to purchase are dropping. Making this the perfect time to invest in a rental property.

Top 5 Places for Real-Estate Investors in 2020/ 2021
1. Austin, Texas
2. Raleigh, North Carolina
3. Nashville, Tennessee
4. Charlotte, North Carolina
5. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Purchasing an investment property can be a hard decision. That’s why it is always important to look at current market trends. All profitable investment locations should have stable job growth, population growth, and affordability! Do you need a trusted property management company to guide you through the stress of managing the property? Give All County Property Management Group a call today!