Keyless Entry at Rental Properties, Good or Bad Idea?


When it comes to protecting your home you may put in high-tech security systems, multiple locks, and cameras. But what about at your rental property? What makes the most sense for protecting this property in a cost-efficient way? You will see that in recent years the keyless lock systems have become increasingly popular! However, what are the pros and cons of these systems at a rental property? 


  1. No Physical Key Required

      2. Less Risk of Lock Out 

      3. No More Key Under the Mat

      4. Tracking System Included

      5. Easy Access for Family and Visitors

      6. Added Amenity for Potential Tenants

      7. No More Changing Locks

As you can see there are many pros to going keyless. Some would also argue that this makes the home safer by reducing the risk of a key getting lost or stolen. The code to an electric door system can also be changed between tenants which makes it cheaper in the long run as opposed to changing the locks in between every renter. This is also considered a higher-tech feature as the tenants will be able to track when people come and go from the home. This will likely appeal to more people when choosing properties to apply for. 


  1. There Are Still Accessories (app control, backup key, Extra batteries) 

      2. Keyless Entry Systems Cost More

      3. There is Some Maintenance Required

One of the biggest cons to a keyless system is that the upfront cost will be higher (couple hundred dollars). Though in the long run there will be less money spent on lock changes, there is a higher upfront cost. You will also need to maintain a master list of codes and be sure to change them frequently to prevent wear on certain buttons. When the same button is used continuously it can cause individuals to figure out the code, making the home less secure. 

Protect Your Rental Property with Professional Management

As a rental property owner, your home is your most important investment and you want to protect it. On top of adding security systems, it is a good idea to have a property management company to protect your investment as well. Our team here at All County has your back with advertising, paperwork, screening, maintenance, and more. Give us a call today so we can help protect your investment property!