What Tenants Want in Their Outdoor Space

For many renters, having an outdoor space is a huge plus. Backyard barbeques, places for pets to run and a area where kids can play! This is important for many which is why renters are even willing to pay more to have a nice outdoor space. So what exactly do they look for when considering their rental options?

Landscaping is what can set a home apart from the rest! It can make the home look refreshed and polished. This can include investing in quality grass for the front and backyard. Plant some trees that are easy to maintain and will grow well in your region. Consider even putting in a space for a garden in case you have a tenant with a green thumb.

Porch/ Patio
Lighting is important for any outdoor space. This is so a tenant feels they can have access to the space no matter what time of day it is. When using higher quality bulbs for outdoor spaces it will prevent from having to upkeep the area as often since the bulbs can last a few years. Sitting areas are also a nice touch. This makes the space feel inviting and cozy. Patio furniture is optional for home owners to provide for their renters but it can add a significant value to the home. Grills are also a great bonus to an outdoor space. This could be a free standing or a built in grill. Renters will love seeing this extra space for their family and friends to spend more time together.

Additional Amenities
Its important that your rental property have something to set it apart from the rest. Some other popular amenities that home owners choose to add include…

  1. External sound systems- ability to play music inside and out
  2. Neighborhood access- amenities such as pool access, parks, sports courts and clubhouses 
  3. Parking- safe and easy access parking space in a garage or out front 

The more care a property owner takes of the rental, the more return they will get on their investment. For more information on how to improve your properties outdoor space please give us a call today!