The 7 Types of Rental Property Investors

There are typically seven types of property investors! Which one are you? Each one has their own set of traits and all have the ability to make money on their investments.

The International Investor:
Are the people that choose to purchase rental property in a different country. These type of investor are getting into the business to make money and potentially to grow their portfolio of properties.
Most of these property owners have multiple rentals or plan to. You often see their properties in urban neighborhoods or cities. 

The Accidental Landlords:
These individuals came to owning a rental property for circumstantial reasons. This could include situations such as inherited properties. These people don’t generally consider themselves investors. They are not as likely to grow their portfolios by purchasing new investment properties. These people may even be planning to move into the property in the future so only intend to lease it short term

The 5 sub types of traditional rental property investors and landlords

The Growth Focused Investor: These investors, similar to the international investors, have a  main goal to acquire new properties and continue to grow their revenue stream.

The Single Unit Owner: Also similar to the accidental landlord, they have a single property that they are focused on and don’t have plans or intend to grow the number of investments that they do have.

The DIY Landlord: These are individuals that feel they can handle managing their property without the assistants of a property manager. They will often do their own maintenance as well.

The Absent Landlord: These are the people that have the help of a property manager so they are able to be very hands off with their property while still making money on their investment.

The Profit Conscious Investor: This group of people want a property managers help in increasing their properties profitability. These people see the benefit of all that property management companies have to offer.


If you fall under one of these categories and do not currently have a property management company helping you out and would like more information on our services please reach out to us!