Benefits of Renting to Students

  Have you ever considered buying an investment property in a College town? No? This is why you should!

They will always be in demand! – Every year you will have thousands of new students (or potential tenants) moving to the area. This is guaranteed traffic one to two times a year!

you can charge! – That says it all. Students want the convenience of being close to campus. The closer the property the less likely they will need some form of transportation. Which means tenants will be willing to pay more.

Good rental security! – Generally, most college students still rely on there parents as their main source of income. This includes their rent money. They will be more reliable when it comes to on time rent payments.

Low vacancy rate! – It’s always a battel for students to find housing. This means there is a small chance that you won’t find eager renters each year!

We have 7 large Universities in the DFW area. (Texas Christian University, University of North Texas, University of Texas in Arlington, Dallas Baptist University, Southern Methodist University, Texas Wesleyan University and Texas Women’s University

These are just a few places that would be a perfect locations for your next investment’s!