Top Drivers of the Rental Property Market

These 10 factors may influence the rental housing market, priced drops, and which cities will be best to invest in.

1• buyer market is young and unable to finance the purchase of a home
2• not enough single detached homes available to buy
3• risks in buying are high with high prices, rising mortgage rates and housing market uncertainty
4• millennials are career-minded and not necessarily willing to buy now
5• millennials/ Gen z are recently financially independent 
6• home and condo prices too high to purchase
7• buyers won’t buy due to mortgage finance restrictions and long term worries over a recession/market crash
8• cost of living rising
9• millennial preference for older urban neighborhoods with walkability
10• immigration into the US is still strong

If rental properties are even a quarter of the $36 Trillion US real estate market, we can say with confidence that it has major economic impact. The growth in rental apartment, rental condos, and home rentals is creating a lot of jobs including property owners, managers, and the kind of extra income many investors need.