Preparing Your Property for Winter

Expect the unexpected! Here in Texas we never know what kind of weather the winter months will bring! It could be sunny and 75 on December 1st, then icy and snowing December 2nd! Either way All County is here to prepare you so you can best prepare your property! 

Here are some tips that we encourage all our owners/ tenants to do.

1. Heating system check
Turn the thermostats to heat mode and set it to 80 degrees just for testing. Warm air should begin blowing within a few minutes. If it seems to be running fine, then switch the thermostat back to normal. If you feel it is not working correctly, check your thermostat settings. If you cannot diagnose the problem, you may need a qualified technician.

2. Replace the air filters
Though you should be doing this once a month, it is a great idea to check them an extra time as the temperature begins to drop outside. This will insure good airflow throughout the home.

3. Check the chimney and fireplace
(If applicable) Be sure to check your fireplace and chimney before using it. Make sure the damper is open and that the chimney is clear from obstructions.

4. Water pipes
Insulate exposed piping. If any of the pipes are exposed in an uninsulated place such as exterior wall or attic, wrap them in foam insulating sleeves and electrical heating tape. The outside water supply such as hoses need to have their water supply cut off.  Also consider using a cover for them as well.

5. Sprinkler system
Drain the irrigation system. This prevents trapped water from freezing and busting a pipe.

6. Prepare landscape and outdoor
In case of snow, be sure to cut loose branches from trees to keep them from breaking. Clean out gutters from leaves that may have fallen during the previous months. Cover the patio furniture, clean and store away important items and cover grill equipment.

As a friendly reminder, if you have pets please bring them inside during the cold winter months.

Safety while cooking for Thanksgiving!

Did you know that Thanksgiving is the peak day for home cooking fires? Thanksgiving dinner is the highlight of the holiday, so the fire safety in the kitchen should be a big concern.

So what can you do to make your home safe from fire accidents? Here are some practical Thanksgiving fire safety tips for you:

• Never leave the food during frying, on stove/oven – the most important Thanksgiving dinner safety tips.
• Set up a timer on your phone as a reminder to check the cooking process.
• Use a quality turkey fryer and use it outside your home.
• Keep your children and pets away from the cooking area.
• Call 9-1-1 immediately when danger occurs.

All County Property Management Group hopes you all have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving! We are Thankful for you!


5 reasons to choose All County to manage your property

5 Reasons All County Should Manage your Property:

Managing your investment property yourself means a lot of work. From tenant screening to preparing lease documents, you’ll be busy. But don’t let the idea of all this work prevent you from investing in rental property and securing a good course of passive income. Instead, consider hiring a property management company. Here are 5 reasons All County should manage your investment property.

1. Boost your investment property’s value
A basic function of a good property management company is to maintain your property to high standards. Well maintained properties get premium rents and short vacancy times. They’ll also fetch the highest market price when you decide to sell. We’ll visit the property often to check on the status of the landscaping. We’ll document the move-in and move-out of tenants, so fixes can happen right away.

2. Choose the highest-quality tenants
Finding high-quality tenants is a no-brainer, but is harder than it sounds. You have to look through tons of applications and choose who looks the best, and you may end up just taking whoever applies to get your property filled. We have tools and expertise to help find and keep the very best tenants.

3. Provide emergency maintenance
Don’t want emergency calls from tenants at all times of data and night? If you’re going it alone as landlord, these calls can interrupt your family life and daytime job. With our phone system, these calls come directly to us 24/7, easing your stress. All you’ll need to do is approve the work order.

4. Avoid long vacancies
A month of vacancy can cause your investment property to lose money. We’ll work to ensure your home always has a tenant. We know the market and have the marketing expertise to reach prospective tenants.

5. Know the law
Nothing cuts into your time like court appearances. We have legal partners to easily handle evictions and nuisance suits, something that can come up anytime when dealing with tenants.

Would you like to find out what All County® can do for you? Call us today to get a free assessment of your investment property. (817) 567-2500 You’ll be glad you did!