Diving Into the Fort Worth Pool Closure Issue

In December 2014 the Fort Worth City Council voted to demolish 5 public pools. While many residents are disappointed with the decision, citing the pools as a safe place for their children to swim, the City feels it was the appropriate choice.

Originally closed in 2010 due to high maintenance costs and a dwindling budget, the properties in Como, Hillside, Kellis, Sycamore, and Sylvania areas are more cost effective to bulldoze than repair. Additionally, they have become a hazard and a liability for the City as kids continually climb the locked gates and skateboard in the empty facilities.

For Fort Worth area property owners the cost/benefit is a mixed bag. Closing the facilities down permanently means fewer attractions to lure tenants to those neighborhoods which may not offer much in the way of recreation to begin with. On the other hand, if the City holds to its promise of a multi-million dollar Master Plan, better enticements may be on the horizon.

For more information on the pool closures visit http://www.wfaa.com/story/news/local/tarrant-county/2014/12/02/fort-wort…