Ready. Set. Grow!

It probably comes as no surprise to residents of Fort Worth that it is growing. What may surprise them is the tremendous amount of growth that is expected over the next 20+ years.

After experiencing explosive growth in the early 2000s, Fort Worth is set to expand even more. At the periphery of this great city are the beginnings of master planned communities such as Walsh Ranch. Slated to be the largest master planned community in the United States, this proposed area will encompass a staggering 7,275 acres. Hoping to draw nearly 50,000 people in the residential portion, the plan also calls for more than 1,000 acres of multiple use development, retail and business, as well as two middle schools and eight elementary schools. Other developments west and south of Fort Worth are in the conceptual design phase.

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Urban Parks: Redefining Green Space in Fort Worth

Oases in the midst of an urban landscape? Yes they do exist! And more are apparently on their way in Fort Worth, Texas. With increasingly higher costs of land, as well as a shortage of it, city planners are getting creative with their efforts to develop places to rest and recharge. Previously, the city’s master plan did not allow small enough areas to be labeled ‘parks’ for development. Enter the ‘urban park’ – a designation that will allow the City of Fort Worth to utilize smaller tracts of land to develop into parks.

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